Tour Settings

To Tour Settings page you go to WooCommerce -> Settings-> Tours. You will see “General” and “Search Tours”

    1. General settings.
      – Tours Page: this page will show all tours on your site. You need to create a page and choice it in this option.
      – Redirect to page after Booking tour.
      – Tour Expired: This option allows showing expired tours on tour page or no.
      – Location Options: Config Google map use iframe of google map or use google map with Latitude and Longitude
      – Google API: You need to configure Google API key to set google map width latitude and longitude  for each tour.
      – Separate Ticket for Adult, Children: If you want to set separate tour price for children and adults. You need to turn on this.
      – Price percent child/adult (%): You can set rate price child per adult to here. The system will auto calculate children tour price based on adults tour price.
    2. Search Tours settings.
      At that has only one option to configure attributes that will show in search form.