Import Demo

The first way: Import by one-click 

Go to “Theme Options -> Demo importer” then choose demo you want to import

Note: If your Website had WordPress Importer Plugin was Activated, please Deactivate this Plugin before executing Import.

The second way: Import by XML Files

Step 1: Go to Tools -> Import

Step 2: Choose “WordPress” if your site has not install import plugin yet then click “Run Importer“.

If your site installed import plugin you click “Run Importer

Step 3: Choose XML file in “la-provence/inc/admin/demo_importer/demo-data/…” folder from download package on ThemeForest then click  “Upload file and import” button. EX:  You can import Home Page  you choose file content.xml in folder “la-provence/inc/admin/demo_importer/demo-data/Home Page

Step 4: Import Widget, You can install plugin “Widget Importer & Exporter” after that  go to Tools -> Widget Importer & Exporter choose file “widgets.wie” in folder “la-provence/inc/admin/demo_importer/demo-data/..” and import widgets.

Step 6: You go to Settings -> Reading in Front Page Displays choose A static page (select below)