How to create a tour

To create a tour you go to Products and click Add Product.

  1. Tour name
  2. You need to select product type that is tour and interesting in some tab as image above.
    In Tour Booking, You can input regular price and sale price and child Price.
    In Tour Tab, You can config Interary and Location
    Dates and Price: Config date disable and set price for date
    Tour Variations: You can add more variations for tour 

    Group Discount: If you create 2 discount boxes, and for the first box, you set up 5 customer with 10% discount and for another box, 10 customer with 20% discount. When customers book smaller than 10 travellers, they will get 10% off. However, if they book for 10, 11, 12 ( and so on ) customer, they will get 20% off.
    In Attributes, you can set attributes for the tour