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From the entire PhysCode team, we want to personally thank you for purchasing Hotel Queen WordPress Theme! We’re incredibly excited to get it into your hands, and we invite you to check out our documentation below. We strongly encourage all of our customers to register at our member center for access to tutorials, our member forum, updates, and more!


A) To install our theme, you can do so in one of two ways:

1. The Simple, No-Brainer, Piece of Cake Way: Upload the file via the WordPress Admin Panel. To do so, go to “Appearance” > “Themes” in the menu, then select the “Install Themes” tab at the top of the page. Once you are at this page, select “Upload,” then “Choose File” to locate the .zip folder on your computer. After doing so, select “Install Now.”

2. The Roll Up Your Sleeves and Use a Little Elbow Grease Method: Uncompress the file and upload the template contents to the /wp-content/ themes/ directory of your WordPress installation via your chosen FTP client.

Neither method has an advantage over the other, it is simply a matter of preference

B) To Install Required plugins

After you have installed the theme with two ways above you need installing require plugins. You can do that with steps:

  1. Go to Appearance -> Install Plugins (the menu only shows when your site needs installing or updating require plugins).
  2. Install or update plugins and activate them.

When you finish the section you have finished install theme and plugin. Now you need to install demo data or setup other elements, following other sections below.

Import Demo

The first way: Import by one-click 

Go to “Theme Options -> Demo importer” then choose demo you want to import

Note: If your Website had WordPress Importer Plugin was Activated, please Deactivate this Plugin before executing Import.

The second way: Import by XML Files

Step 1: Go to Tools -> Import

Step 2: Choose “WordPress” if your site has not install import plugin yet then click “Run Importer“.

If your site installed import plugin you click “Run Importer

Step 3: Choose XML file in “hotel/inc/admin/demo_importer/demo-data/…” folder from download package on ThemeForest then click  “Upload file and import” button. EX:  You can import Home Page 1 you choose file content.xml in folder “hotel/inc/admin/demo_importer/demo-data/Home Page 1

Step 4: Import Revo Slider, You go to Slider Revolution -> Import Slider and Choose file .zip in “hotel/inc/admin/demo_importer/demo-data/…” EX:  You can import Home Page 2 you choose file in folder “hotel/inc/admin/demo_importer/demo-data/Home Page 2

Step 5: Import Widget, You can install plugin “Widget Importer & Exporter” after that Rename file “widgets.json” in “hotel/inc/admin/demo_importer/demo-data/..” to “widgets.wie” and go to Tools -> Widget Importer & Exporter choose file “widgets.wie” and import widgets.

Step 6: You go to Settings -> Reading in Front Page Displays choose A static page (select below)


Setup Menu

  1. Create a new menu
  2. Create menu items
  3. Check Primary Menu
    You need to check “Primary Menu” to show the menu at main menu area.

Theme Options

All site setting will configuration in theme options. So you need to understand all options before start configuration your site.

  1. General SettingsYou can change logo, sticky logo and set logo size in this setting tab.
  2. Header Setting
    The setting tab contains configuration for Main menu, Sub menu and Mobile Menu.
    You can configure background, text menu color, text menu color active … This section you can config show or hidden the sticky menu.
  3. Display Settings

    No 1,2 is configurations for Blog page
    1, You can set blog page with sidebar left, sidebar right or no sidebar.
    2, Set Background image or Background color for blog page heading area and set text color
    No 3, 4 is configurations for Archive page. Configurations is similar as Blog page
    No 5,6 is configurations for single post or page.
  4. TypographyIn typography settings, you can set a primary color. The color will active to the active menu, hover and heading H1, H2, H3 ..
    Besides you also can set font body, font title and font size for your site.
  5. Footer The section contains settings for footer: Background Color, Text Color, Font Size, Title Color and Font Size Title
  6. Custom CSS
    If you want to make some custom CSS you can insert them to CSS Code box.
  7. Demo Importer
    You can import our demo data with only one click. Your site is similar as our demo so you only need to change data to run your site.
  8. Import / Export
    You can import or export all settings from Theme options or to Theme options. Please sure about Import action because all settings will replace by new settings.

Hotel Settings

To Tour Settings page you go to WooCommerce -> Settings-> Hotel.

    1. General settings.
      – Rooms page display: this page will show all rooms on your site. You need to create a page and choice it in this option.
      – Redirect to page after Booking room: you need config page redirects after booking.
      – Google API: You need to configure Google API key to set google map for each tour.
    2. Extras Rooms.
      – You can add additional service to Room
    3. Permalink Hotel: You can change the permalink for hotel category. With page Hotels, you change permalink in Page find Hotels and change slug

How to create a room

To create a room you go to Products and click Add Product.

– In tab Hotel Booking you can config Regular price, Sale price, Total Room, Number Adults (Capacity), Number Children (Capacity) and select options extra room.

– In tab Hotel Dates Price you can:

  • Config Dates you want disable (customer can not book room on those dates).
  • Config customer can book room after some days with date current
  • Set Price for range days by schedule.

Manager booked rooms

  1. Manager all dates rooms booked

  2.  Manger dates room booked

Update Theme

How to activate Revolution Slider, Visual Composer

How to translate WordPress theme, plugins

How to update plugin visual composer

Update Visual Composer:

  1. Go to Plugin -> Deactive plugin Visual Composer
  2. Click to Update Require
  3. Active plugin Visual Composer
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